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It is obtained through the fermentation of three different monofloral honeys (Stachys, Acacia, Sunflower).


375ml Glass bottle

Production method

Honey fermentation with the addition of microbiologically purified water. Aged in oak barrels for about a year.


Visual examination, Olfactory, taste and food pairings.

By Federico Graziani


It is produced from a blend of three honeys, sunflower, Acacia and stachys and then fermented and aged for 15 months in small French oak barrels.
It has a gold color and a crystalline sheen.

It is intense to the nose and surprisingly spicy, reminiscent of yellow fruit, pineapple and citrus, candied ginger and saffron with an enveloping finish of honey and vanilla. It is rich and enveloping on the palate, persistent, fresh and mouth-watering; it goes perfectly with blue cheese, foie gras and dry biscuits in general.